Congratulations, you’ve decided to get started on the path to Sustainable Wealth.

Before you arrange our meeting, do please note the following:

1. Have you read the About page, because it contains important information about how we work?

2. Have you read our Terms of Business as it contains important information about how we charge?

3. I mainly work with business owners. This is because business owners have greater control of their financial destiny, tend to be entrepreneurial, and can be more open-minded and flexible with their financial decisions. If this also describes you, but you are not a business owner, then please feel free to arrange a Discovery Call.

4. I will ask you to make a decision at the end of our meeting, a one-time decision to get started with your Sustainable Wealth Blueprint™. It’s therefore really important that all financial decision makers join the call so we don’t spend time repeating valuable information or hearing it third-hand.

Finally, are you…

  • Willing and able to trust and listen?
  • Established and profitable with the means to invest in your future?
  • 100% committed to Sustainable Wealth?

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