Ego gets in your way

how ego stops you being the true you

We blame, shame, judge, and criticise to avoid taking responsibility for our own self-esteem. This is basically about ego.

Instead, seeing the world through a stoic lens, is a focus on self-improvement and personal responsibility.

When we take responsibility, instead of blaming and criticising others for how they ‘made’ us feel, we can let go of our ego and find a happy and contented place.

I can’t make someone fancy me, no more than I can make someone feel upset. How you choose to feel about a person or event is for you to decide.

This is why I’m selective with who I work with.

I don’t want to work with people who prop up low self-esteem with bluff and bravado. Those who define themselves by the size of their bank balance, their house, or their car.

If you would rather do something, than pretend to be someone, (wannabe influenzers need not apply), then we’ll get along just fine.

Ultimately, life is about your legacy. What positive difference did you make, that wasn’t about yourself?

This is what achieving Sustainable Wealth is all about. Using the Sustainable Wealth Blueprint, you’ll achieve financial mastery, lead a richer lifestyle, and leave an enduring legacy.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

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how ego stops you being the true you

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